收到Example42的Google Group邀请

Example42是一个非常结构化、高度可复用的 Puppet Module



今天竟然收到Exmaple42的Google Group发来邀请加入的邮件,有点意外也挺高兴。

Alessandro Franceschi al@xxx.xx(为了避免垃圾邮件,已作处理) has invited you to join the Example42 Puppet Modules group with this message:

Hallo, I’ve setup a Google Group to finally define a shared place where questions and discussions about Example42 Puppet Modules can be centralized. GitHub remains the place for bug reports and code management, but here I’d like to concentrate experiences, Q&As and any public discussion about the modules and their future developments.

Since you have contributed to Example42 modules with your code, I’d be honoured and glad if you decide to join and partecipate actively to the group.

Best regards, Alessandro Franceschi Example42

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